1. Custaceans
    Item: Lobsters product type: crustaceans: They commonly range from 8 to 24 inch (20 to 61 cm) in length and 1 to 9 lb (0.5 to 4.1 kg) in weight, but have been known to reach lengths of well over 1 yd (1 m) and weigh as much as 44 lb (20 kg) or average adult is about 9 in (229 mm) long and weighs 1.5 to 2 lb (680.4 to 907.2 g). the atlantic lobster also know as homarus americanus is one of the most desired foods in the world. their elegant taste and flavor make them the premier choice among seafood finatics. the purging process and technology of preparing the lobsters for overseas delivery, has kept our mortality rate at 2% or less. we guarantee your satisfaction. quality lobster really makes the difference, inthi group only ships premium grade a lobsters and lobster tails. supplying overseas markets.
  2. Dried Seafood
    Dried Seafood
    We packaged into 45kg or 50kg bales and cod heads without collarbone are packed into bags of 30kg.. stockfish types that we offer are: tusk or brosme - cod or torsk - haddock or hyse - saithe or sey - ling or lange as stockfish specialising exporter from EU, all our fish typically originates from either lofoten or finnmark, which are the very northern regions of norway. our aim is to meet the exact needs of our customers which is why we offer stockfish from a wide variety of fish species, in different sizes and quality grades. as we are dedicated to supply products of the highest quality for the satisfaction of our customers, all our stockfish and frozen fish are approved and certified by food safety authority. the complete range of stockfish types that we offer are: - cod or torsk - haddock or hyse - saithe or sey - ling or lange - tusk or brosme we have all stockfish sizes available and personal taste usually dictates the preferred stockfish sizes. the sizes that we offer are: - 20 / 40cm - 30 / 50cm - 40 / 60cm - 50 / 70cm - 60 / 80cm MACKEREL SEABASS SEABREAM YELLOW CROAKER, SILVER CROAKER TUNA LOINS MARLIN LOINS RIBBONFISH BABY OCTOPUS EEL FISH BUTTERFLY FISH LEATHER JACKET FISH SALMON TROUT COD FILLETS SQUID BLUE CRAB GREY GROUPER POMFRET RED SNAPPER RED MULLET AND MANY OTHERS About the supply ability, we have good connection with some reputable stationary factories Packing Bulk / IWP. Master Cartons of 10kg/15kg/20kg 25 - 26 metric ton load 40ft container
  3. Mackerels
    Mackerels is one of the famous sea food across the nation. The entire range is available in various sizes such as 1/2, 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, 10/12 & 13/20.
  4. Mollusks
    Scalops, mussle meat, mollusk , hake fish Mackerel prawns Squid crab clams ribbon fish silver pomfret fish etc
  5. Squid
    Variety: Squid, Squid Style: Frozen Feature: Nature, Nutritious Certification: FDA, HACCP, QS Packaging: Bag, 12.5KG woven bag packing Shelf Life: 24 months, 2 years Scientific Name: Todarodes Pacificus / lllex Argentinus Types of Processing: Whole Tube Weight (kg): 0.1-0.15 size: 100-150g Processing: BQF, Frozen on board Main Markets: U.S., European countries, the Middle East, African countries. MOQ: 1*40FCL Quantity: 300tons per month, whole year in stock for sale Available Size 100-150g Processing BQF, Frozen on board Packaging 12.5kg, 14kg, 15kg per woven bag, 100%N.W Use for Under 150g for Tuna bait, 150-200g 200-300g for human consumption
  6. Surimi
    Style : Frozen Net weight Surimi Content 36%. Size : 2 to 2.5 cm Package Details: 10Kg/CTN Bulk Package or 1Kg/Bag x 10Bag/CTN Species of the Fish is Nemipterus Spp
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