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  1. Chicken Meat
    Chicken Meat
    FROZEN CHICKEN -ALL PARTS AVAILABLE -Whole Frozen Chicken -Frozen Chicken Feets/Paws -Chicken Drumsticks - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Leg Meat - Boneless, Skin-On, Chicken Leg Meat, - Chicken Whole Legs - Chicken Leg Quarters - Chicken Livers - Chicken Gizzards - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Chicken Whole Wings - Chicken Breast
  2. Poultry
    Export Chicken Meat | Chicken Meat Suppliers | Poultry Meat Exporters | Chicken Pieces Traders | Processed Chicken Meat Buyers | Frozen Poultry Meat Wholesalers | Halal Chicken | Low Price Freeze Chicken Wings | Best Buy Chicken Parts | Buy Chicken Meat | Import Chicken Meat | Chicken Meat Importers | Wholesale Chicken Meat | Chicken Breasts Price | Unprocessed Chicken Meat Frozen Processed Chicken Feet ( grade A) - Feather off - Yellow outer skin off - Well clean & fresh - Outer hard nail on - No bruise - No black pad or Ammonia burns - No any bad smell - No extravagated blood - The moisture content is less than 5% Frozen Unprocessed Chicken Feet ( grade A) - Excess water: dry or less than 5% - Black spot max : 5% - Broken bone : 3-5% - No bad smell - Well cleaned - Yellow skin on - Weight: 30-45gram Packaging: -Packing: 15kg, 20kg pp bag in White Carton -Tons per 40’ container: 27 tons
  3. Bone Meal
    Bone Meal
    MEAT AND BONE MEAL Producing process: The raw materials of meat and bone meal are mainly from by-products of pigs, cattle and sheep in slaughterhouse, whose main components are residual bone, skin, fat, offal, meat after the removal of edible part. Using advanced equipment, scientificly processing, high temperature sterilization, to make the organic more easily absorbed by decomposition of long-chain to short-chain, greatly improving the palatability of animals and the absorption rate. Features: 1. Colors: Filemot; 2. High energy, high content of protein; 3. Rich in vitamins and potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other trace elements; 4. Strong attractant to animals: Thick aroma, induce animals to eat; 5. High security: Fresh raw materials, without corruption and modification, and several times of high tempreture processing, which can kill harmful bacteria effectively; 6. High-absorbing rate: After entrance to the industry, the raw materials are sorting out of the skin, fur, hoof, horns, blood and other debris; 7. Reducing the cost: Low rice, good source of high-quality protein, and can replace part of fishmeal and soybean meal, can reduce feed costs, and can effectively improve the quality of the product. Scope of application: Fox, mink, badger-like animal, livestock, poultry, fish, pets and other animals. Packing: 25, 50 kg PP bag packaging. The main indicators: Crude protein min 50%, Ash max 30%, Moisture max 10%, Ash max 32%, Fat max 12%, Phosphorus content min 4%, Calcium min 8%. Usage: Aquatic products, pet, poultry, livestock, fox, sable, badger-like and so on Packing options: 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container(Package according to the customers's requirements. )
  4. Chicken Paws
    Chicken Paws
    We are Premium Grade A South African Origin HALAL / NON HALAL Frozen Chicken Feet, Paws, Wings, Legs, Gizzards, Whole, Breast, Liver. 1) Grade A Processed Frozen Chicken Feet - Quality: Grade A - Origin: ​South Africa​ - Average Weight: 40-50 grams / piece - Average Length: 15cm - Shelf Life: 24 months Appearance Requirement: - Clean - No Yellow Skin - No Feathers - No Bad Smell - No Blood - No Black Pad or ammonia burns - No Bruise - No Chemical Burns - Broken Bones Less than 2% - Moisture Less than 1% - Chicken feet & paws pad retained and without damage 2) Grade A Processed Frozen Chicken Paws • Quality: Grade A • Origin: ​South Africa​ • Yellow skin and outer nail removed • fresh cleaned, odorless and cut at joint • Impurity (black nail pad): 0 - 3 % • Broken: 0 - 3 % • Excess water/blood: 0 - 3 % • Length: 6cm - 7cm • Weight: 30g - 40g Appearance Requirement: - Clean - No Yellow Skin - No Feathers - No Bad Smell - No Blood - No Black Pad or ammonia burns - No Bruise - No Chemical Burns - Broken Bones Less than 2% - Moisture Less than 1% - Chicken​ ​paws​ pad retained and without damage Frozen Requirement : - Blast Frozen at -40o C - Stocked at -18° C Package Requirement: - Packing carton contains 4 poly bags x 5kg/per bag=20kg/per carton - Total 28​7​ ​MT of frozen paws​ using 40 high-Q container stored at -18°​ ​c - Supply Ability: 15,000 MT per Month - Loading Port: Durban Port, South Africa -​ Minimum Order: ​​3​ x 40 FCL​ INSPECTION: S.G.S Inspection for Quality & Quantity at Seller's Cost DELIVERY TERMS: CIF Basis Target delivery date: within 18-21 days Loading Port: Durban Port, South Africa Documents provided after shipping: 1.One set signed invoice and packing list 2.Full set of clean shipped on board ocean bill of lading 3.Certificate of origin . 4.SGS inspection report. 5.Insurance covered by seller for 110% of invoice value. 6.Health Certificate
  5. Beef Tallow
    Beef Tallow
    Our Beef tallow is extra pure, it's even more delicious, more naturally shelf stable, and more reusable than ordinary tallow. It's made from 100% grass-fed cows, but it's the low-heat kettle rendering and advanced fine-filtering system that allows this beef twllow to meet the highest standards . We present the first Pure Premium Grass Fed beef Tallow. Don't forget it's more economical than others . Hormone and antibiotic free and we use only humanely raised AWA certified beef. Storage ; we pack the beef tallow in moisture free packaging materials and store in our temperature controlled store room . Tallows health benefits ; Our allow is an excellent source of niacin, vitamins B6, B12, K2, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin. Grassfed beef tallow contains high ratio of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a cancer-resistant agent. Contrary to the popular conception, tallow is good for health as tallow fat is similar to the fat/muscles in the heart. Prime tallow white F.F.A: 2-5% F.A.C: 1-3% max M.I.U: 1% max Titre: 41.5 ºC min Using for manufacturing of high quality soap or chemical usage
  6. Donkey Hides 6-8kgs No Sand, No Dust, No Mud, No Holes, No Fats
    Donkey Hides 6-8kgs No Sand, No Dust, No Mud, No Holes, No Fats
    Dry Salted Donkey hides 6-8kgs no sand, no dust, no mud, no Holes, no fats DRY SALTED DONKEY HIDES: machine flayed: 100%, Selection: A /B LOADING & SHIPMENT: 1 x 20ft container = 1700 pieces
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