1. Animal Feed
    Animal Feed
    Multiple animal feed types exist in the world with principally two types namely fodder and forage. Feeding animals in ways of carrying food to them is referred to as fodder. This also includes freshly cut or dried plant such as straw, alfalfa pellets, grains, mixed feed etc. Forage on the other hand has to do with plant eaten by grazing animals. We can meet supplies for the below types of animal Feed KRILL MEAL. ALFALFA HAY BLOOD MEAL CANOLA MEAL CORN GLUTEN MEAL COTTON SEED MEAL FEATHER MEAL FISH MEAL MEAT AND BONE MEAL PALM KERNEL MEAL SOYBEAN MEAL SUNFLOWER MEAL WHEAT BRAN ANIMAL FEED BARLEY
  2. Soybean Meal
    Soybean Meal
    Our soybean meal is passed ISO/HACCP ,KOSHER,SKS qualified and so on,We have own test centre, where we can do various inspections to ensure the best quality. With a professional QC team, we can exercise a close supervision over the whole procedure of production under customer's requirements. Packing: 25 or 50 kg pp bag, 30 kg paper bag, tote bag or according to your requirement. Soyabean meal Protein 46% min Fat 7% max Moisture 12% Fiber 8% max Sand and silica 2%max Urease activity(by PH difference) 30 units on EEC method
  3. Bone Meal
    Bone Meal
    MEAT AND BONE MEAL Producing process: The raw materials of meat and bone meal are mainly from by-products of pigs, cattle and sheep in slaughterhouse, whose main components are residual bone, skin, fat, offal, meat after the removal of edible part. Using advanced equipment, scientificly processing, high temperature sterilization, to make the organic more easily absorbed by decomposition of long-chain to short-chain, greatly improving the palatability of animals and the absorption rate. Features: 1. Colors: Filemot; 2. High energy, high content of protein; 3. Rich in vitamins and potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other trace elements; 4. Strong attractant to animals: Thick aroma, induce animals to eat; 5. High security: Fresh raw materials, without corruption and modification, and several times of high tempreture processing, which can kill harmful bacteria effectively; 6. High-absorbing rate: After entrance to the industry, the raw materials are sorting out of the skin, fur, hoof, horns, blood and other debris; 7. Reducing the cost: Low rice, good source of high-quality protein, and can replace part of fishmeal and soybean meal, can reduce feed costs, and can effectively improve the quality of the product. Scope of application: Fox, mink, badger-like animal, livestock, poultry, fish, pets and other animals. Packing: 25, 50 kg PP bag packaging. The main indicators: Crude protein min 50%, Ash max 30%, Moisture max 10%, Ash max 32%, Fat max 12%, Phosphorus content min 4%, Calcium min 8%. Usage: Aquatic products, pet, poultry, livestock, fox, sable, badger-like and so on Packing options: 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container(Package according to the customers's requirements. )
  4. Wheat Bran
    Wheat Bran
    Wheat Bran is a byproduct generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. Technically speaking theres no product called Animal Feed Wheat Bran or Human Food Wheat Bran. When buyers use term called Animal Feed Wheat Bran, the producers use adulterants to reduce the cost of the product and offer the price for the same. Using adulterants based wheat bran may harm animal and birds as well
  5. Fish Meal
    Fish Meal
    Fish contains a variety of nutrients comprise animal tissue, maintain normal metabolism, growth, reproduction is required, has improved the utilization rate of feed and promote animal growth, improve animal disease resistance ability, is in the high-grade animal feed irreplaceable quality protein sources. The company's level of fish meal in fish as raw material, the use of modern processing technology, high quality fish after cooking, pressing, drying, crushing and other refining processes. The quality indicators have exceeded the level of fish meal requirements prescribed by the state, the product has a stable and reliable quality, freshness is good, fish powder flavor, protein content is high, easy to decompose, easy to digest, easy to absorb. Specification Protein: 55% - 65% min Moisture : 10-12 % max Fat : 10% max Salt : 3 % max Sand : 3 % max Ash : 22 - 25% max Antioxidant : 150 ppm min at the time of loading Free from salmonella, melamine, ecoli Advantage 1.High Protein 2.Quickly prmote heathy and Growth 3.Enhance Nutrition of poultry 4.Soft Powder and good texture 5.Free from any Rot odour
  6. Alfalfa Hay
    Alfalfa Hay
    Specification of the Grass will be lucerene with moisture 12-14% tied in bales with high protein. - Protein : minimum 16% (of dry matter). - Fiber : 20-25 % - Ash : 8-12 % - Moisture : maximum 12-14% - ADF: maximum 31%, - Toxicity: AFLATOXIN not more than 10 PPB.*
  7. Cattle Feed
    Cattle Feed
    Specifications: + Protein: 2.66% + Fat/ Oil Content: 2.82 % + Fiber: 12.30 % + Moisture: 40.99% + Ash: 3.54% + pH: 4.07% + Calcium: 850 mg/kg + Phosphorus: 660 mg/kg + ADF: 18.74% + NDF: 27.19% We have got 3 types for you to choose: - Type 1: 100% corn tree (90 - 95 days): 100% Moisture: 60 - 70% +/-3% - Type 2: 95% corn tree (90-95 days ) + 5% bagasse Moisture: 60 - 70% +/-3% - Type 3: 95% corn tree (90-95 days ) + 5% pineapple skin Moisture: 60 - 70% +/-3% Packaging: 600 kgs/PP bag + PE jumpo bag ; 24 MT/40ft container
  8. Rice Bran
    Rice Bran
    Specifications Type : RICE BRAN Use : Cattle, Chicken, Fish, Pig Admixture (%) : None Moisture (%) : 10% Max Ash : 8.38% Fat : 17.46% Fiber : 4.6% Protein : 12.70% Grade : Top Packaging : 25kg/bag
  9. Corn Gluten Meal
    Corn Gluten Meal
    Specifications 1)Protein: 60%MIN 2)Moisture: 12% Max 3)Ash: 4% Max 4)Fat: 3% Max
  10. Chicken Feed
    Chicken Feed
    Poultry Feed for Broiler Starter Chicken Feeding: Specifications: Origin: South Africa Organic Broiler Poultry Feed for Chick Feed Moisture (maximum %):11 Crude protein (N x 6.25) (maximum %):23 Crude fibre (maximum %):6 Acid-insoluble ash (maximum %):3.0 Salt (as NaCl) (maximum %):0.6 Calcium (Ca) (maximum %):1.2 Available phosphorus (minimum%):0.5 Lysine (maximum %):1.2 Methionine (maximum %):0.50 Metabolizable energy (minimum cal/kg):2 800 Manganese (mg/kg):90 Iodine (mg/kg):1 Iron (mg/kg):120 Zinc (mg/kg):60 Copper (mg/kg):12 Vitamin A (IU/kg):6 000 Vitamin D3 (IU/kg):600 Thiamine (mg/kg):5 Riboflavin (mg/kg):6 Pantothenic acid (mg/kg):15 Nicotinic acid (mg/kg):40 Biotin (mg/kg):0.2 Vitamin B12 (mg/kg):0.015 Folic acid(mg/kg):1.0 Choline (mg/kg):1 400 Vitamin E (mg/kg):15 Vitamin K (mg/kg):1.0 Pyridoxine (mg/kg):5 Linoleic acid (g/100 g):1 Methionine + cystine (g/100 g):0.9 Packing: 25kg or 50 kg PP bags
  11. Cotton Seed Meal
    Cotton Seed Meal
    Description Cottonseed meal is a high protein by-product from the extraction of oil from whole cottonseed. There are two different processing methods used to extract the oil from the cottonseed, and they differ in the amount of oil (fat) they leave in the meal. The amount of oil left in the meal affects its energy value. Cottonseed meal contains gossypol. Under typical conditions, though, even high-producing cows will not consume enough cottonseed meal to suffer from gossypoltoxicity. Cottonseed meal is used as a protein supplement and can replace all of the soybean meal in the ration. Typical Analysis Expeller process: Solvent process: Dry matter 94 % 92 % Crude Protein 41.0 % 41.5 % Fat 04.5 % 01.5 % Crude fiber 12.5 % 12.5 % Calcium 0.15 % 0.15 % Phosphorus 1.10 % 1.10 % TDN 72.0 % 70.0 % Neutral Detergent Fiber 26.3 % 23.9 % Acid Detergent Fiber 18.8 % 17.5 % Net energy—Lactation 76.3 Mcal/100 lbs 72.6 Mcal/100 lbs
  12. Hay
    High protein Alfalfa Hay for cattle, and other livestock NONGMO certified Feed additive alfalfa hay powder Alfalfa extract, Alfalfa powder, dehydrated , sun cured alfalfa hay and other fodder Protein : minimum 20 to 24% (of dry matter). Fiber : 2025 % Ash : 812 % Moisture : maximum 1214% ADF: maximum 31%,
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