Dairy Products
  1. Instant Full Cream Milk Powder Milk Fat 26% Protein Fat 28%
    Instant Full Cream Milk Powder Milk Fat 26% Protein Fat 28%
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  2. Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Ready to Use, Canned Condensed Milk (Sweetened) Product Features: Made of Pure Milk FAT Available in very convenient easy to open pack Can make several milk based desert in minutes Product Application: Can be used to prepare: Gajar ka Halwa, Kheer, Narial ke laddoo, Rasmalai, Icecream, Chocolate, Baked Products, Pies, Sauces, Cakes, Candies, Toppings and Caramel etc., As a health food in mid day meal system for feeding of the school children. For whitening coffee and tea directly. How to Use: To make a fluid, not below the composition of toned milk (with sugar added) with the contents of this package, add 2 ½ parts of water by volume to one part by volume of this product. Ingredients: Total Milk Solid : Min 31% ,Milk FAT : Min 9% ,SNF : Min 22%, Sucrose : Min 40%,Titrable Acidity : Max 0.35 {Sugar and Milk Solids} Nutritional Information* {as on tin} Amount per 100 g Energy, kcal 335 Energy from Fat, kcal 81 Total Fat, g 9 Saturated fat,g 6.2 Cholesterol, mg 24 Total Carbohydrate, g 55.5 Added Sugar, g 43.0 Protein, g 8 Calcium, mg 355 Not a significant source of Vitamin C, Iron and Dietary Fiber. *Approx. values Packaging Details: 370gx48 Tins per carton 380g x 24 Tins per carton 380g x 48 Tins per carton 390g x24 Tins per carton 390g x48 Tins per carton 505g x48 Tins per carton 950g x 24 Tins per carton 1kg x24 Tins per carton
  3. Infant formula milk
    Infant formula milk
    - Baby Milk - Aptamil - Enfamil - Nan - PureNatural - Lactogen - Goat Milk - Infant Formula - Similac - Nestle Good Start - S-26 Gold - Isomil - Nuralac
  4. Casein Protein Powder
    Casein Protein Powder
    Caseinates (Sodium, Calcium) Product description: Caseinates is a dairy protein ingredient, converted into caseinates by dissolving the acid casein, curd with water and dilute alkali and then drying the solution (Extrusion method). Caseinates is multifunctional highly nutritious milk protein. Application Dairy industry: • stabilizer, emulsifier, binder for production of ice-creams, yogurts other dairy products. • for higher yield in hard cheese production; • processed cheese and imitation cheese production Meat industry: in production of meat products ( sausages, hams, hamburgers, etc.) has the unique property of substantial water, jelly and fat absorbency. Bakery: caseinates helps to improve and control texture and uniformity, the source of protein. Food concentrates: excellent emulsifier and foaming agent in whipped toppings, soups, salad dressings, dessert mixers. Food additives production: high nutrition protein in diet and sport food; stabilizer in coffee creamers production.
  5. Whey Powder
    Whey Powder
    Sports Nutrition Whey Protein 1.Vanilla,chocolate,or strawberry flavor 2.Wheat and Gluten Free 3.Isolate
  6. Lactose
    Lactose free milk powder, Milk sugar Lactose is removed from whey during the concentration process. This milk sugar is a white to creamy-white crystalline product possessing a mildly sweet taste. It may be anhydrous, contain one molecule of water or be a mixture of both. Lactose is commonly milled in mesh 100 or 200. Product is milled according to its use and/or application. Physical & Chemical Specifications: Protein 0.1% Lactose 98.0% min Fat 0% Ash 0.3% max Moisture 5.5% max Microbiological Specifications: Standard plate count 30,000/g Coliform 10/g E. Coli Negative/g Salmonella Negative/100g Listeria Negative Coaglase Positive Staphylococcus Negative Scorched particle content 15.0 mg max pH 7.5 max Color White to pale yellow Flavor Slightly sweet Shelf Life: 9 to 12 months. It is recommended to store and ship in a cool, dry environment with temperatures of less than 27°C and relative humidity less than 65%. Packaging: 25kg bags Kraft paper multi-wall with inner polyethylene liner or 2200 pound totes.
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