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  1. Donkey Hides
    Donkey Hides
    Donkey Hides 6-8kgs No Sand, No Dust, No Mud, No Holes, No Fats Our products are fully certified Kosher, HACCP, GMP, and FDA compliant
  2. Eggs & Eggs Products
    Eggs & Eggs Products
    Color : White & Brown Sizes : Small, Medium, Large. Weight : 45gms to 65gms. Shelf Life: 3-4 months Temperature: +2 to +5 Celsius Origin: South Africa Labels: Each carton labeled with brand name and specification. Quality : Eggs are free from Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Food Grade Ink approved by FDA is used for printing on Eggs Packing: 30 Eggs in one tray & 12 trays in one carton, (532 Cartons in 20ft & 1312 Cartons in 40ft container).
  3. Feed
    Animal Feed Krill Meal/Alfalfa Hay/Blood Meal/Canola Meal/Corn Gluten Meal/Cotton Seed Meal/Feather Meal/Fish Meal/Meat and Bone Meal/Palm Kernel Meal/Soybean Meal/Sunflower Meal/Wheat Bran
  4. Honey & Honey Products
    Honey & Honey Products
    100% Natural Honey all types Acacia Honey is highest selling. Contact now for details 100% Pure bee honey: Specification Moisture: < 18 % Sucrose: < 5 % HMF: 7.5PPM Diastase: 13.9 Glucose: 34.9% Reducing sugar 79% Fructose/Reducing Sugar 48 % or 50 % Color Water white, White, Extra Light Amber, light Amber
  5. Meat & Poultry
    Meat & Poultry
    -Whole Frozen Chicken -Frozen Chicken Feets/Paws -Chicken Drumsticks - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Leg Meat - Boneless, Skin-On, Chicken Leg Meat, - Chicken Whole Legs - Chicken Leg Quarters - Chicken Livers - Chicken Gizzards - Mis-Cut Party Wings - Chicken Whole Wings - Chicken Breast
  6. Dairy
    Full Cream Milk Powder Butterfat 26% Min Moisture 3,0% Max Protein 26% Min Minerals 6% Approx Titratable acidity 0.15% Max Solubility Index 1.0 ml Max Total Plate Count 10.000 1/g. Physical Specifications Color White
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